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Childbirth Ed to Build Confidence, Reduce Fear

February 20, 2013

Interactive, fun, and supportive of your choices — that’s what Blooma’s Complete Childbirth Education promises for your childbirth ed experience.

An example of the result of a confidence exercise we do during Blooma's Complete Childbirth Education. The affirmation labels are messages from the moms' partners that they will say during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum to to remind mamas of their strength and love. 

Not only that, our three educators (also certified doulas) make it their mission to stomp out fear and build confidence.

“I LOVED this class! I think it helped so much to erase a lot of my worries and fears that surround pregnancy and birth.  It was great because I was forced out of my comfort zone to stay open and feel supported. Absolutely AMAZING experience… Thank You! Thank You!” – expectant Mama

Offered at both Blooma locations (Mpls + St. Paul) monthly, Blooma’s Complete Childbirth Education is just that — complete. Nicole, Amber + Liz guide a comprehensive class with topics that include:

  • pregnancy nutrition + wellness
  • normal birth
  • comfort measures (with lots of hands-on practice)
  • coping techniques
  • partner connections + affirmations
  • common medications + interventions
  • navigating difficult or unexpected bumps in the road
  • Blooma_ChildbirthEducation_0337_900breastfeeding (with a live demo!)
  • postpartum baby + self care

Sign up online or call Blooma (612.223.8064) for any of the upcoming sessions:


• St. Paul – Saturday Mornings – SIGN UP
• Minneapolis – Sunday Afternoons – SIGN UP


St. Paul – Thursday Evenings – SIGN UP
Minneapolis – Sunday Afternoons – SIGN UP


Alisa, Sarah & the women of Blooma

Lamaze at a Fabulous Price!

October 22, 2012

In celebration of Blooma’s 5th Birthday – Amber Kay LCCE and Liz Hochman are giving YOU a gift! Any Lamaze Childbirth Education class during 2012 is $50 off! (Promo Code: lamazeBIRTHDAY. See below for dates + details.)

This means your class will be be $175, plus an additional 10% off if you have the Blooma Pass. This is the best value in the Twin Cities for an all-inclusive childbirth class!


Lamaze — SO Much More Than Breathing (Next One Starts 9/9!)

August 27, 2012

Parents-to-be, there’s one week left to sign up for Blooma’s next inspiring, informative, EMPOWERING Lamaze Childbirth Education course, which begins Sept. 9, 1-4 p.m.. (Those descriptors come from last month’s participants — the ones who know best!)

ImageLamaze educators and birth doulas Amber Kay and Liz Hochmann take the approach of “stomping out fear, and building confidence.” Their evidence-based, interactive (and dare we say FUN!) classes are a huge hit at Blooma.

Couples from last month’s class were asked at the end of their Lamaze childbirth ed, “What are you so glad you learned in class?” Here a few of the replies:

  • “What to expect in labor, options for making our wishes known for the birth, comfort measures since it provides a good way for my husband to stay involved during the labor.”
  • “That I had the knowledge prior to the class and learned to trust it!”
  • “That I don’t have to be afraid of birth, that Lamaze isn’t just about breathing.”

Couples, this is your chance to prepare together to bring your baby into the world. Whether this is your first baby or your fifth, whether you’re birthing at a hospital or a birth center — Lamaze is for you. Sign up now for your four-part Lamaze Childbirth Ed series, beginning Sept. 9.


Alisa, Sarah & the women of Blooma


What are your birthing and postpartum fears? Identify them, then break down that fear wall!


Thanks to our fantastic August Lamaze couples! You all are amazing!