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Birth Story: “Music As My Focus, My Drishti”

February 25, 2013

Congratulations to Sarah W. on the birth of her baby boy Declan!

Read on to discover how yoga made its way from her prenatal yoga classes at Blooma into her labor and birth (think yogi squats, mamas!). Are squats uncomfortable for you, like they were for Sarah? Just like this mama writes about below, tucking a rolled-up blanket under your heels can help you relax and release into this pose. Give it a try — then close your eyes, inhale deeply with hands at heart center, and let out a deep ahhhhh.


Alisa, Sarah & the women of Blooma


{By Sarah W.}

DeclansmileI’d like to start this story off with telling you that I could not do a yogi squat for the first month or so of prenatal yoga at Blooma.

Though I understood the virtues of that position during labor, it was the most uncomfortable position for me at six months pregnant. I was embarrassed that I couldn’t hunker down during classes, so I practiced that pose pretty much every night in front of my husband, Sean. (more…)

Water birth in the Twin Cities

September 27, 2011

The first family to have a waterbirth at Abbott.

Blooma loves hearing about and sharing the latest options in birth throughout the Twin Cities. So when we learned that waterbirth recently became an option at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, we had to give a little cheer!

A Coon Rapids mom claimed the honor of the first mom to deliver in a tub there, welcoming baby girl Kaelyn on Sept. 15.

“I can’t imagine what it would have been like without the water,” said the mom, Aimee. “It was so relaxing and a huge pain management tool.”

Most women who’ve experienced waterbirth say they couldn’t imagine it any other way. The benefits are immeasurable: easier movement during labor and delivery, natural pain relief, warmth and relaxation. And for baby, an “easier, more gentle transition from mother’s womb to an external ‘womb’ of water that is weightless, warm, wet and soft.”

Blooma families, we’d love to hear from you about your waterbirth experiences: What would you say to couples considering waterbirth? And where did you deliver?

If you’re deciding where to have your baby and birthing in the water is something you’re interested in, see below for other places in the Twin Cities metro that offer waterbirth. Your options are homebirth midwives, birth centers and various hospitals.

When making your decision, be sure to ask your specific care provider if he/she does water birth, how comfortable he/she (and the group) is with waterbirth, and what the success rate is of water births for the given group and/or hospital.


HCMC Midwives (Minneapolis)

St. Joseph’s Hospital (St. Paul)

Woodwinds Health Campus (Woodbury)

Regions Hospital (St. Paul)

Hudson Hospital (Hudson, WI)

Freestanding Birth Centers:

Health Foundations Family Health & Birth Center (St. Paul)

Morning Star Birth Center (St. Louis Park)

We’ve also heard that the midwives at Methodist Hospital plan to add water birth as an option sometime in 2012. If we’ve missed listing any other waterbirth resources, please let us know! And to learn more about waterbirth, head over to Waterbirth International for a slew of great info!


Alisa, Sarah & the women of Blooma

Birth Story: “I was able to let go”

August 2, 2011

New mama Becky shares her birth story below — a story of unexpected challenges, embracing “the mystery,” and changing her vision of birth entirely! Thank you for sharing your story, Becky.

We at Blooma wish you and your newly-expanded family much love as you transition into a family of three. Can’t wait to see you and baby Lucia at Bring Your Own Baby yoga!


Alisa, Sarah & the women of Blooma


Lucia Frances Nicoli was born Monday, June 20, 2011 at 2:38 p.m. Here is our story!

Everything about conception and pregnancy had been an absolute breeze for me, and I secretly worried that the score would be evened when it came time for labor and delivery. How superstitious we can get during pregnancy!

I expected labor to be a lot of hard work, intense and painful. But having never experienced it firsthand, there was no way to really know what I would be getting into. I had to “embrace the mystery” as Sarah likes to say. I have to say my expectations fell quite a bit short of the amount of work, intensity and pain I experienced. And I often told my husband, jokingly, “I was duped!” in regard to what this was going to be like!

My husband, Lage, and I had spent a wonderful first Father’s Day enjoying the weather, going out for lunch, taking a drive around the lakes and finally a nice walk to accomplish some errands. So it was at the end of the day that we were both nicely tired and settling in for the night, expecting that we would both be off to work as normal the next morning.

Out of the blue, my water broke while lying in bed at about 9:45 p.m. (thankfully, we had the waterproof sheet on!). The first words out of my mouth were, “Oh my God, my water is breaking… I’m so scared,” as I instinctively reached out for Lage’s hand. In a flurry, he fetched towels and we waited (and waited, and waited) for the gush to end. There was so much volume that Lage nearly slipped and fell on our very wet hardwood floor!

He gathered the remaining items needed for our hospital stay while I phoned the midwives and informed them I would be on my way shortly. About an hour or so later we arrived at the HCMC midwife unit and settled in for the night with the goal of getting rest… yeah right!

I had some semi-regular, annoying contractions throughout the night but nothing much happened. Since my water had already broken, I was “on the clock” to some extent and the midwife and nurses thought we needed to get things going. The options were Cytotec or Pitocin, with Cytotec being much less likely to require further invasiveness or interventions. So we consented to the use of Cytotec at 9 a.m. and nervously awaited the results.

Labor came on like gangbusters within 30-45 minutes! My contractions were strong and regular and coming one after the other FAST within 90 minutes. I was dilated to 5 cm by 11 a.m. It was then that the nurse told me excitedly that we could move to the birthing room with the tub. A waterbirth had been my plan ever since I started thinking about getting pregnant.

Now that I was 5 cm and in the thick of things, I couldn’t imagine wanting to climb into a tub of water. I had experimented with laboring in the tub earlier in labor and had felt totally ungrounded and lost. I needed the solidity of the ground and the tight, sure grip of my husband’s DRY hands.

By a few minutes after 1 p.m., I was fully dilated and ready to start pushing. We experimented with a few positions, but none worked for me better than the mega-conventional “on my back in the bed.” So not what I expected to do!

After 90 or so minutes of pushing (which seemed much shorter), Lucia was on the outside world! She was on my chest within a couple of minutes, and peed all over me in less time than that… ahh.

Next came what should be the easy part, the delivery of the placenta. Except that it was the hardest part of the whole experience. For whatever reason, the placenta was firmly in place and not going anywhere. The midwives and an OB/Gyn doctor decided it had to be surgically removed, and quickly. So I was rushed off to surgery while my worried husband stayed behind to bond skin-to-skin with Lucia.

I had lost so much blood that I was unable to sit up to receive the local anesthesia, and so had to be completely put out for the procedure. The loss of blood would also require a blood transfusion the next day. But that procedure made me feel SO much better very quickly and we were on our way home a day and a half later.

So I didn’t have my “dream birth”… in fact, I did many things completely differently than I had envisioned all those months of pregnancy. But one thing my practice at Blooma helped me understand was that every birth happens exactly the way it is supposed to. Whatever it is we experience is meant to teach us something. And so instead of worrying that I wasn’t doing things according to plans or expectations, I was able to let go and accept that what was happening and the choices I was making were absolutely perfect.

So thank you, Blooma for empowering me physically, mentally, and spiritually for my daughter’s birth. I am so looking forward to continuing my practice with Lucia at BYOB!