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Celebrate, Gripe & Get to Know Other Dads

February 21, 2013

Whether you’re a dad to a daughter or a son (or both), you’ll fall in love with the blog Life To Her Years, written by a dad about loving and raising his two daughters. Each post is a simple picture and caption, with a funny, insightful or thoughtful tip for raising your daughter. But really, most of the tips apply to any gender.

From the dad blog

We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below, too: what’s most important to you in raising your daughter or son? 

And while we’re talking daddyhood, we know that you need a community, too.

That’s why Blooma offers a monthly “Dad’s Hour” — led by a local dad. Dad’s Hours are offered twice monthly — once at Blooma Minneapolis and once at our St. Paul location. The next Dad’s Hour sessions are:

  • Saturday, March 2, 2-3 p.m. (Mpls) | SIGN UP
  • Saturday, March 16, 5-6 p.m. (St. Paul) | SIGN UP

Sign up online (and bring a buddy!). Whether you want to gripe about the sleep you’re not getting, find out if others also have anxieties about becoming a dad, or are just looking to get to know other dads, we’d love to see you on March 2 or 16!

It’s just a $10 drop-in fee, or use your partner’s Blooma Pass. Whether you’re a Dad-To-Be or already have 1, 2, 3, or more kids at home, Dad’s Hour is an hour for all types of dads to relate to other dads.


Alisa, Sarah & the Blooma family

Childbirth Ed to Build Confidence, Reduce Fear

February 20, 2013

Interactive, fun, and supportive of your choices — that’s what Blooma’s Complete Childbirth Education promises for your childbirth ed experience.

An example of the result of a confidence exercise we do during Blooma's Complete Childbirth Education. The affirmation labels are messages from the moms' partners that they will say during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum to to remind mamas of their strength and love. 

Not only that, our three educators (also certified doulas) make it their mission to stomp out fear and build confidence.

“I LOVED this class! I think it helped so much to erase a lot of my worries and fears that surround pregnancy and birth.  It was great because I was forced out of my comfort zone to stay open and feel supported. Absolutely AMAZING experience… Thank You! Thank You!” – expectant Mama

Offered at both Blooma locations (Mpls + St. Paul) monthly, Blooma’s Complete Childbirth Education is just that — complete. Nicole, Amber + Liz guide a comprehensive class with topics that include:

  • pregnancy nutrition + wellness
  • normal birth
  • comfort measures (with lots of hands-on practice)
  • coping techniques
  • partner connections + affirmations
  • common medications + interventions
  • navigating difficult or unexpected bumps in the road
  • Blooma_ChildbirthEducation_0337_900breastfeeding (with a live demo!)
  • postpartum baby + self care

Sign up online or call Blooma (612.223.8064) for any of the upcoming sessions:


• St. Paul – Saturday Mornings – SIGN UP
• Minneapolis – Sunday Afternoons – SIGN UP


St. Paul – Thursday Evenings – SIGN UP
Minneapolis – Sunday Afternoons – SIGN UP


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Kids Yoga Teacher Training in Mpls, March 8-9

February 12, 2013


The Kids Yoga Teacher Training at Blooma Minneapolis (March 8-9) is almost here and we have a few spots left! Whether you’re a yogi or not, if you love to work with kids, this training is open to you.

Learn more about Jessica Rosenberg’s Adventures of Super Stretch teacher training, sign up online, and check out Blooma’s Q&A with Jes below.


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Secrets to an Easier Birth?

February 11, 2013

There are many ways to help facilitate an easier birth for you and your baby. One of those ways is to get your baby into a position ideal for rotating and moving through the pelvis. Turns out, there’s more to it than head-down!

Join Gail Tully, Certified Professional Midwife — also known as “The Spinning Babies Lady” for an afternoon of learning and fun all about Optimal Fetal Positioning, Saturday, March 2, 12:30-4:30 p.m. at Blooma Minneapolis.

Gail Tully shows an expecting mother how to correctly do an inversion.

Gail Tully shows an expecting mother how to correctly do an inversion.

You’ll learn easy, easy exercises to encourage baby into a sweet spot for birth. These exercises also come in handy during labor!

Bring a birth partner to the workshop, and please wear yoga/sweat pants for easy movement. (No yoga experience necessary for this workshop.)

Gail travels the world teaching these exercises and concepts to parents, doulas, midwives and OBs — now it’s your turn to learn it, too!

Sign up online or call Blooma at 612.223.8064. Learn the best ways to use balance, gravity and movement to your advantage!


Alisa, Sarah & the women of Blooma

Moms— It’s Time to Renew YOU!

February 7, 2013

Joining Sarina LaMarche’s Personal Renewal Group (PRG) last year was one of the best things I’ve done for myself since becoming a mother. The monthly gatherings (for six months) brought light to my goals (now totally redefined!) and priorities, while helping me to find greater balance in my personal, professional and mothering lives.

sarinaHer next PRG starts Feb. 19, 7-8:30 p.m. at Blooma Minneapolis and meets the third Tuesday of each month for 6 months.

So what IS a PRG? It’s a supportive, nurturing, empowering group for mothers to share in reclaiming, rebalancing, and reconnecting. These groups are created specifically to explore and learn:

  1. how to “reconnect” with who you are
  2. strategies for making self-care a priority so you can live, love, and parent optimally, and
  3. how to experience greater life balance.

Each monthly session includes discussion, exercises, reflection time, and fosters community and meaningful connection with other women.

20These groups are based on the book The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal: How to Reclaim, Rejuvenate, and Re-Balance Your Life by Renee Trudeau.

Personal Renewal Group for Mothers

Blooma Minneapolis

Tuesdays, beginning Feb. 19; 7-8:30 p.m. | $200 

See what Sarina’s next PRG can do for you!


Alisa, Sarah & the women of Blooma


Learn Another Way to Soothe Your Baby

February 4, 2013

Did you know that babies breathe in time to the songs they enjoy? They can even remember the music they heard in the womb before birth!

Your voice is one of your most powerful tools to soothe your baby. Even if you think you can’t sing your baby thinks your voice is the most beautiful one in the world.

singingWhether you’re pregnant or have already welcomed your little one, please join Margie Weaver for her Singing to Your Baby Workshop, Feb. 9, 2-3 p.m. at Blooma Minneapolis. (more…)

Yoga + Breakdancing for Tweens – Feb. 16

January 30, 2013

Give your tween a chance to DANCE, breathe and find the joy inside!

Tween yoga teacher Ella Chissotti is hosting a fabulous Tween Yoga + Breakdancing workshop Saturday, Feb. 16 at Blooma Minneapolis. No experience required!

Learn to B Girl at Blooma's Tween Yoga + Breakdancing workshop Feb. 16!

Learn to B Girl or B Boy at Blooma’s “Tween Yoga + Breakdancing” workshop Feb. 16!

B Boy teacher David Abide Pellinen joins Ella for this fun-filled night of yoga flow, learning new dance steps, a cozy, long savasana to prepare for sleep. Tweens can even come in their PJs!

Sign up now ($25) for TweensYoga + Breakdancing — open to tweens aged 7-14.


Alisa, Sarah & the women of Blooma

Yoga for Parents: The Power of Play – This Saturday!

January 29, 2013

Do you ever wonder how to connect with your young child, or why playtime feels so exhausting? Ever wish you could rejuvenate yourself, in the little free time you call your own? Then the Yoga for Parents: Power of Play workshop is for you!

382This adults-only workshop takes place at Blooma St. Paul this Saturday, Feb. 2, 2-4:30 p.m.

Taught by ERYT-500 Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer Helena Raghubir of the Center for Happiness and Samantha Sawyer, Early Childhood Development specialist, this workshop will leave you with solid skills for managing those stressful parenting moments AND with plans to connect more deeply with your child during play times.

Think 3-minute meditations just for parents and simple parenting approaches that are transformative in turning times of frustration into productive times of connection. Sign me up!


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Inspiration to Write Your Birthing Story

January 22, 2013

Before your baby’s arrival, you may have had an idea of how it would all go. Maybe you read or heard others’ birth stories — in books, in prenatal yoga, or right here on the Blooma blog.

Now it’s your turn. You’re on the other side!


Whether you had the birth of your dreams or need to write as a therapeutic process, you have an important story to record — the story of the day you ushered a new life into the world.


Please join me, Blooma’s blogger, birth doula and prenatal/BYOB yoga teacher, for a cozy, candlelit two-hour Writing Your Baby’s Birth Story workshop that’s part yoga, part writing exercises (with memory-jogging tips + plenty of encouragement!) and part free-writing time.

You may choose to keep the story private or share it, but either way, the act of writing down your birthing experience is a powerful way to make sense of it all, to record your memories, and to reflect on the day you became a mother — whether for the first or fourth time!

Alisa Blackwood leads the Writing Your Baby's Birth Story workshop Feb. 1 at Blooma St. Paul.

Alisa Blackwood leads the Writing Your Baby’s Birth Story workshop Feb. 1 at Blooma St. Paul.

Upcoming workshop dates include:

Give yourself the gift of entering a sacred space to remember, feel, cry, laugh and get it all down on paper (or your laptop). The Writing Your Baby’s Birth Story workshop is held every two months, alternating between Blooma St. Paul and Blooma Minneapolis.

Sign up online for the next workshop (Feb. 1, 7-9 p.m. in St. Paul), and email me at with any questions!


Alisa, Sarah & the women of Blooma

A Workshop to Design YOUR Brilliant 2013

January 21, 2013
Sarina LaMarche

Sarina LaMarche

Ah, sweet retreats — such salve for the soul.

Taking an afternoon to reflect, imagine, dream, and intention set creates powerful energy that you can channel into a brighter future that’s true to your heart and spirit.

And who doesn’t want to be intentional about that?

The “Live a Brilliant Year Workshop,” Jan. 27 (1-4 p.m.), provides the space and guidance needed for just such an afternoon.

Sarina LaMarche and Jennifer Best — two life coaches and amazing women — will guide you in setting an intention for your year. Through the use of reflective and creative exercises they will help you access your inner wisdom, create a plan for your year, and give you lots of yummy stuff to support you in making 2013 your most brilliant year.

Sign up now for this Jan. 27 ($65) workshop at Blooma Minneapolis and let yourself be inspired!


Alisa, Sarah & the women of Blooma