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Blooma Prenatal Yoga DVD: Take Two!

December 16, 2013


You heard it here first, friends.  Sarah Longacre, Founder & Owner of Blooma, will be releasing her second Prenatal Yoga DVD, this time giving you two sequences for the price of one.  Blooma’s first DVD was released four years ago and was a huge hit for prenatal mamas all over the world.  For the newest release, Sarah Longacre brings you both an A.M. and P.M. sequence; energizing you for your day, and bringing you a sense of calm to wind down and rest.  These two 35-min sequences were created to be beautiful and empowering practices for your sacred journey into motherhood.

Making it’s big release on Thursday, December 19th, the hard copy will be available at the studio.

A little bit about the DVD from Sarah Longacre herself:

“As a mother who works full time, has a social life, and does her best to keep her family her #1 priority, I know it can be challenging to dedicate a whole hour every day to yoga practice. But I’ve learned that if I can take any time at all on the mat it makes a huge difference to me and my baby–it’s so worth it. In this spirit I created two very different prenatal sequences that are just 35 minutes each. 

 The A.M. sequence is fresh with energy, dance and movement to warm you, celebrate your body and prepare you for your day. (Of course this can be done anytime in your day. Just listen to what you need in that moment).
The P.M. sequence is grounding, cozy and 100% about relaxation.  It is the perfect 35 minutes to calm you after a busy day and prepare you for a long night of sleep (with a few bathroom breaks of course). “
If you have the time, you can even do the segments back-to-back. You will love this new offering. Pregnant or not, we invite you to enjoy these new sequences.
(And of course, it’s the perfect gift for you or someone you love!) 
Find them at Blooma locations on Thursday the 19th, and online very soon.

Birth Story: “I just lost all my inhibitions”

October 11, 2012

Today’s birth story comes from Maggie W. in Texas, who started her pregnancy here in Minnesota, then moved home to be closer to family.

We’re thrilled she kept the Blooma vibe going by practicing to the Blooma Prenatal Yoga DVD — even while in early labor.

As Maggie writes, she lost all her inhibitions once she was deep into labor. (Mamas, that’s one reason why we practice all those Ahhhhhhs in class — so you’re comfortable with letting go in labor.)

Thanks for sharing your fabulous story, Maggie. We miss you in Minnesota! (more…)

Blooma Prenatal Yoga DVD – check out the preview!

January 31, 2012

From our prenatal yoga studio in Minneapolis, to your living room, Blooma’s Prenatal Yoga DVD brings inspiration, breath, and movement right to you.

Practice any time, anywhere, enjoying time on your mat with baby. Check out the preview and order today — especially for your mom-to-be friends in other states or countries!


Alisa, Sarah & the women of Blooma


Ricki Lake-Endorsed Holiday Shopping

November 25, 2011

Already thinking about your holiday gift list? Stock up on the Blooma Prenatal Yoga DVD for your pregnant friends and family members near and far!

It’s a fabulous stocking stuffer, if we do say so ourselves.

Here’s what Ricki Lake, executive producer of “The Business of Being Born” and co-author of the book Your Best Birth, says about the Blooma DVD:

Blooma Prenatal Yoga is a joy! Inspiring, informative, empowering — this DVD is a great gift for moms-to-be. —Ricki Lake

Thank you, Ricki! You can buy the video on Amazon or at Blooma (Minneapolis or St. Paul). Let us know what you think!


Alisa, Sarah & the women of Blooma