Kids Yoga Teacher Training in Mpls, March 8-9



The Kids Yoga Teacher Training at Blooma Minneapolis (March 8-9) is almost here and we have a few spots left! Whether you’re a yogi or not, if you love to work with kids, this training is open to you.

Learn more about Jessica Rosenberg’s Adventures of Super Stretch teacher training, sign up online, and check out Blooma’s Q&A with Jes below.


Alisa, Sarah & the women of Blooma


Blooma: We know a lot of people out there who are fabulous with kids but don’t have yoga experience. Your training welcomes anyone who works with kids. How would the Adventures of Super Stretch Teacher Training enhance the way a person works with children?

SuperStretchJes: There are so many issues children face today, ADHD, ADD, obesity, peer pressure and over programming… all of these elements are causing children a lot of stress. Kids literally need to learn how to “let off steam” in a healthy way so they don’t combust. The Adventures of Super Stretch workshop will spark new ideas of how movement and breathing can help to teach mindfulness practices to children, so that yoga will become a “time in” instead of getting a “time out” because they got in trouble for their actions.

The addition of body awareness tools to their work will help to de-stress, empower and build self-esteem in children. And the yoga movements they will learn in the training will compliment what they are already doing in their work with children and they can use these tools to teach children how to express themselves in a positive way.

Blooma: What can prospective kids yoga teachers expect to take away from your training?

Jes: The Adventures of Super Stretch transforms yoga into a magical and highly engaging experience for children. Kids yoga teachers will walk out of the workshop with tips and resources to teach with, lesson plans to work off of, a network of peers to connect with and they will learn how to teach children tools to living a happy, healthy life through yoga practice. Which will give kids the confidence to be the best person they can be by using breath and movement. And that is Super Stretch’s mission: Breathe, Stretch, Play. Make NAMASTE a part of your day!


Click this image to read Adventure of Super Stretch’s Code of Ethics for kiddos!

Blooma: You teach an amazing Vinyasa class for adults with a fabulous mix of fun, flow and challenge. How is teaching kids different than teaching adults? 

Jes: Thanks! I am constantly learning from students young and old when I teach. They are the true teachers. There is a child-like wonderment and naiveté in kid’s classes that offers me fresh perspectives when I teach adults.

Blooma: What does teaching bring to your own life?

Jes: Yoga brings balance, laughter and love to my life. Every breath and every day is a new experience. On the mat there is no ego, no judgment, no forcing just pure awareness and compassion. I try to take that into my day-to-day interactions with people off the mat.

Want more? You can “fan” the Adventures of Super Stretch on Facebook for daily tips and tools to engage kids in yoga.

Check out Jes’s YouTube video channel, too, for super videos on kids classes and a wonderful  “Super Stretch Yoga” app video!

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