Seane Corn writes about birth + Uganda


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Yoga teacher and activist Seane Corn, who led the recent Off the Mat, Into the World (OTM) trip to Uganda that Sarah participated in, wrote an incredible essay for The story details her experience of attending one woman’s birth in a rural clinic, where moms must bring their own supplies— a clean cloth, food, water, blanket for baby, and a trash bag to lie on while delivering.

This experience is one of many reasons why the OTM group worked so hard to raise funds for and to help build a birthing center. She writes about the birth center:

“All the materials are made from natural resources. It is completely eco, from the bricks to the gray water to the solar electricity. There is a water filtration system and an organic garden. Employed are the local villagers so income is being generated in the area as a result. Right now there are three buildings at different stages of completion. This includes birthing rooms with fresh-flowing air and plenty of sunlight for bed births, water births and even places specifically designed for if the mother wants to squat her birth. There are special rooms for after the birth where the mother can heal and bond with her baby. We also funded a community center where midwives will be trained with new birthing techniques, as well as reclaim some of their traditional birthing practices. They will learn to support the mother’s through the process of birth lovingly and sacredly. There will be birthing classes, yoga classes, parenting classes, as well as classes that educate about HIV/AIDS prevention and mother to child transmission.”

Thank you, Seane, for your activism, your heart, your grace, and willingness to help mothers in need. Another big thank you to Sarah and all the OTM participants who raised $150,000 to make this work possible and who traveled to Uganda to put their bare hands and hearts to use. I, for one, am more than a little bit inspired.



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